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A complete and worn post-Medieval silver sixpence of William III 1694-1702, dated 1697 on coin. Mint uncertain. Obverse: Laureate and draped bust facing right.Reverse: Four shields within which are a harp, one lion rampant, three lions passant and three fleurs-de-lis, all around a central circle with the lion of Nassau within, creating a. William 111 Silver sixpence 2nd bust 1696 Pleasing coin with an uneven tone. Small dig on reverse This coin will be sent Special Delivery and will need to be signed for. William 111 Silver sixpence 1696 Pleasing coin with an uneven tone. Small dig on reverse This coin will be sent Special Delivery and will need to be signed for.Read more. 12/02/2018 · William 111 Norwich Sixpenceother nice finds for ID please. Post by Giz » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:30 pm Out this morning on a 10 acre seeded field. After 3 hours of nothing but buttons and cokethe usual modern rubbish. TWO WILLIAM 111 SIXPENCE COINS 1697 AND 16?? in Auction of Furniture, Collectables, Househol. 28 Mar 19 by Ashley Waller Ltd.

1697 Sixpence, William III third bust, reverse, crowned cruciform shields, large crowns, later harp, S.3538, choice uncirculated. 1697 William III Early Milled Silver Sixpence. First bust, small crowns.925 silver. Spink 3531. ESC 1552. AVF / VF.

Browsing British Coins of William III. William III William of Orange, a staunch protestant, was invited to "invade" Britain in order to depose the Catholic James I. He arrived on 5 November 1688, James was deposed and William and Mary became joint sovereigns. His victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 is still commemorated by the Orange. 1818 United Kingdom sixpence value. What is a 1818 six pence worth? Values, images, and specifications for the 1818 6 pence coin from Britain, England, United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. William III Year F. An unworn sixpence dated prior to 1920 contains 0.0841 oz of silver, and this gives a bullion value of about £1.09 or US$1.39. Sixpence from the period 1920 to 1946 contain 0.0454 oz of silver and thus had a bullion value of £0.59 or US$0.66.

有關以下物品的詳細資料: Great Britain. 1696 William 111 - Sixpence. 1st Bust. Fine. Great Britain. 1696 William 111 - Sixpence. The sixpence also features in other works of popular culture and literature. It appears in the title of the British writer Somerset Maughan's 1919 novel, The Moon and Sixpence, and appears in both the title and as a plot device in Michael Paraskos's novel In Search of Sixpence. Stunning 1696 William 111 Silver sixpence Coin Beauty 6d six pence. £185.00 0 Bids End Date: Tuesday Dec-17-2019 18:07:18 GMT Bid now Add to watch list. Tags: Silver, Value of Coins, Coin Price Guide, William III, Sixpence Price Guide, Silver Sixpence, William III Coin, 1696 Sixpence, 1696 Sixpence Price, 1696 Sixpence Value. William III AR Crown, 3rd bust, AD 1696. GVLIELMVS III DEI GRA, laureate, draped bust right over a breastplate with horizontal neck line / MAG BR FRA ER HIB REX and date 1696, Edge: TRICESIMO, crowned cruciform shields of England, Ireland, Scotland and France with lion rampant in the centre.

WCA-5645: William III Silver Sixpence – BROCKAGE. A first bust 1695-7, sixpence with the reverse being a mirror image of the obverse! When a coin is stuck in the die and another planchet blank is introduced, that first coin makes an incused the opposite of raised up impression on the second coin. William III. Following the death of Queen Mary from smallpox in 1694, William continued to reign as William III. The half guinea coin was produced in all years from 1695 to 1701, with the elephant and castle appearing on some coins from 1695, 1696, and 1698, the design probably being the work of James Roettier and John Croker.

Other Hammered and Milled Coins. HM1. HM6 WILLIAM 111 [1694-1702] Silver CROWN - 1696 - First bust. Edge OCTAVO. Spink 3470 [£350 in VF], ESC 995. weakly struck in centre and small metal flaw at edge. nVF. HM5 GEORGE 1V [1820-30] silver SIXPENCE. The 1787 issue was the last larger sized sixpence. No more were sixpence were minted until 1816 when George III reduced the size of the coin. Provenance: Donated to Notre Dame in 1887 as part of a 2,300 item coin collection see: The Notre Dame Scholastic, vol. 21 September 1887 45.

25/11/2017 · William III sixpenceA Rotographic Imprint. Price guide reference book publishers since 1959. Lots of books on coins, banknotes and. the second two number ones in William III have no top cross bar is this normal, they look like they have been chiselled off. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Silver coin; Denomination: Sixpence Royal Mint, Exeter Branch William III 1694-1702 This mint was set up as part of the great recoinage which began in 1696. 1700 Silver 6 Pence "William III Sixpence" GVLIELMVS∙ III∙DEI∙GRA MAG∙ BR∙FRA∙ ET HIB∙ REX ∙17 00∙ KM 496.11 coin and its complete list of years and varieties with prices and values. Photos, metal, purity and weight included. King William iii sixpence early milled silver coin metal detecting find 3rd. $117.96$9.83 Shipping. 1697 E William III 3rd Silver Sixpence Coin Exeter Mint. $65.52$10.49 Shipping. William III - sixpence 1696 - London Tower mint. $58.98$4.59 Shipping. William 111 Halfpenny Copper Metal Detecting Find. $1.30 0 bids$4.59 Shipping.

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